13 May 2015

Harmattan not yet died

Have you ever heard Harmattan before? When you googling (read:searching) it, you will be found at least two definitions, first is the name of Wind and second is the codename of Maemo. For details about it you can read this or this.
But the Harmattan which I talk about is Harmattan as the code-named of Maemo. Yes, we know that Nokia sold the Mobile Division to Microsoft, It's happen because the sale of Mobile Phone from Nokia decreased globally, not want to loss Nokia sell the Mobile Division to Microsoft. Maybe one causes is Nokia didn't adapt Android to their Mobile Phone when the Android was debuted. They still hope on Symbian to get the market, but in fact Symbian is too old (read:poor) to compete with Android, Blackberry or iOS which popular until now (maybe exclude Blackberry). Realized that Symbian can't compete with Android and iOS, Nokia starting to research new platform to adapt on their Mobile Phone, finally Maemo is coming. After that, Nokia (Maemo) and Intel (Moblin) merged their Project into "MeeGo". And the version 1.2 of MeeGo was born with name Harmattan (Lankku). Nokia adapt the result of their collaborative Project with Intel into their Mobile Phone, Nokia N9. But we know that Nokia decide abandon their Project with Intel and not produce again the new Mobile Phone that adapt MeeGo after N9 was released, so Nokia N9 is only one smartphone that adapt Harmattan (Nokia also release the Developer Kit for Harmattan, known as Nokia N950, which  produced only 5000 device and distributed to developer around the world).
MeeGo Wallpaper
2011, four years ago I know that Nokia starting to distribute N9 on my country, but the price of this smartphone is too expensive for me, so I hope I can buy it later, second hand with the cheap price. Now, on April 2015 I got this smartphone, although the seller sell it to me only the device, without box, headset, charger adapter, etc. Before buy it, I'm considering to buy second hand iPhone 4S, because I never have iOS device before, but my choice is N9. After got N9, I'm starting to research how to develop apps in N9. Although the support of Nokia not present, and only the small community that available, I keep to get started studying develop apps and whatever on N9. QT Quick, QT Component, QML, PowerVR are the new things for me, but the filesystem structure of Linux as general is same, so it's no problem for me. As I know, iPhone is the best smartphone until know. Because Apple are doing optimization on every segment for their product. So Apple don't need to produce many products for the one time (like another manufacturer), but just release one product that it is so powerful, and it is succeed.
Learn from Apple, I want to doing optimization on the software layer. Because Nokia make this Platform (Harmattan) so complete for developer, for example there are tools to monitoring Battery drain, CPU usage, Memory usage, etc. It can be activated via developer-mode. So I mean that Harmattan not yet died, I'll try to make it life as long as I can.