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Setup Nginx as Proxy Reverse

Continuing the journey of Web Server Application, today we would setup Nginx as Proxy Reverse. If you want to start with how to install Nginx and configure it with SSL/TLS, read here . This post scoped only in  CentOS  7 and I'm using  Alibaba Cloud  as my cloud provider. Using other Operating System (OS) or cloud provider may need some adjustment to be matched, but I'll describe in general. If you have a trouble during follow this tutorial, don't hesitate to ask in the comment. Let's dive in! Step 1 Run Go Application To make this tutorial simple, we gonna use go application to be proxy reverse by our Nginx. Since go application are binary, so they could directly running on our server without need to install any dependency. I have prepared the pre-compiled binary of go application that listen http request on port 8080 for linux OS. So let's download it (because we're not in administrative task, I recommend you to use normal user instead of root user). $

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