08 January 2016

Java, being Developer

It's five months from my latest post where I'm still a university students and doing the research for my thesis. But right now, before the celebrate of the graduation in my University, I was hired by new comers of e-commerce company in my country named JD.id as Java Developer. Although my major in the University is Engineering Physics, but I'm not eligible to be an engineer especially at physics scope, because I'm still doing hard to understand about fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, transport phenomenon, automatics control, modern control, signal processing and another topics that correlated with physics. It's why I'm not at a good confident level when applying an engineering physics vacancy of the company, but I prefer to applying IT vacancy with more good confident level. And I was hired as Java Developer.
So it's the occupation which I've dreamed before. Without going to Computer Science or IT major I can go to there. So it's good to start my professional career at IT background, especially to be a professional developer (red: a hacker). For most people which work on IT, the networking skill and developing skill is separated, you can't mixed these skill into one person. So the infrastructure specialist don't have a good developing skill, otherwise. Yes this is my chance to have a good networking and developing skill at the same time.
Full Team of JD.id
It's too early to say that I'm a professional developer, but the small step to get achieved and expand my knowledge, my career which I'm doing consequently. With the past I have a C++ programming experience, python, and right now I need to learn more about Java, because Java is not only a programming, it's a technology that bring solutions for the most critical problem at enterprise. So it's time to starting, never ending to learning new thing. But one month passed, I was miss something which often discussed on the labs, especially on image processing and artificial intelligence. Arghhh... stay focus on your work right now, Java...