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Nokia N9 Stock Content

When you flashing your Nokia N9 with the main binary image (not e-mmc image) by option to destroy user data, your N9 will be clean included the stock content such as Music, Picture and Video. It won't occurred if you get the e-mmc image and use this image to flashing your phone. The stock content will be added during the flashing progress included the maps of the region where e-mmc image you used. Picture Nokia Pure Video But to download the e-mmc image, it's a big file (ETA 1,7GB) so for you that don't have a good connection, I have made backup of the stock content from Nokia N9. My backup contain Music, Picture, Video and default Wallpaper of N9 that's you can download separately and transfer into your N9. You can download Stock Content from Nokia N9 here . Hopefully it can help you, thanks. Harmattan not yet died.

Nokia Suite 3.8.54

We know that Nokia Mobile Phone division has been sold to Microsoft, it's too hard to get support from Microsoft when you ask about the older product of Nokia such as Nokia N9. Although when you read the Nokia N9 Guide (issue 1.2) you'll found that N9 not supported with Nokia Suite, but the version 3.8.54 of Nokia Suite support N9. Nokia Suite will helps you to solve minor problem of Nokia Product such as syncing Contact, Messages, Musics and so on. Nokia Suite 3.8.54 For downloading Nokia Suite 3.8.54 I was forgot the url, but I make backup in my tusfiles account, you can download Nokia Suite 3.8.54 here . Beside syncing, this Suite also can help you to re-flash your N9 safety, downloading maps for offline use of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive , and you can make a backup, so you can reload the backup file when your phone was damaging or you has been re-flashed your N9. Harmattan not yet died guys.

Bypassing Nokia Maps N9

Nokia N9 have maps application, both of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are related one to other. But the same problem with Nokia Drive on Nokia N9 also occur in Nokia Maps (see here ). Nokia Maps also need logged in Nokia Account before you can use Nokia Maps. So I think the same way with bypassing Nokia Account in Nokia Drive will be succeed too in Nokia Maps. The same step can be read on my previous post here , until preparing the configuration Nokia Drive download. Okay let's go! First, make sure you have installed Filebox and setting to show hidden files and show root filesystem. Open browser on your N9 and download Modified Nokia Maps Configuration here . Don't press clear when the download has finished, just tap Done. Go to Filebox, and navigate to /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads , you'll found Maps.conf there, copy and paste this file into /home/user/.config/Nokia . But I recommend you if there's existing Nokia Maps Configuration backup it into Maps.conf.bak the

General Dashboard Vodafone

Someday ago, I was selling my broadband modem on Kaskus , and there is small problem about driver and dashboard which bundled on my modem doesn't loaded normally, so the buyer reject my modem. For this reason, my thread temporary closed and I starting to search many dashboard for my modem. After found many driver, I try it one by one and got the Official Vodafone Manager Broadband works on my modem. Although this dashboard still optionally make Vodafone Group as the default, but local operator of my country still detect and works. FYI, my modem is ZTE Vodafone K3805-z. Using Telkomsel (local operator of my country) on ZTE Vodafone K3805-z not so bad, the ping is almost perfect (under 80 ms ). See screenshot below. ZTE Vodafone K3805-z For download this dashboard, I forgot the link, but I make backup on the Tusfiles, download ZTE Vodafone K3805-z here .

Bypassing Nokia Drive N9

Nokia N9 contains maps application bundled by Nokia with offline maps, but to access Drive application you need to have Nokia Account and you must login in your N9. Before Nokia Account has been shutdown by Microsoft (see here ) there's no problem to using Nokia Maps on N9, but after 25th, April 2015 Nokia Account no longer can be accessed. So maybe you think that your N9 can't help you to assist when you driving or find place around the world. Nokia Account requirement Here, I'll show you to bypassing Nokia Account requirement to access Nokia Drive on N9 Harmattan. So you don't need to have Nokia Account logged on your N9 to access Nokia Drive. Below is the step by step to bypassing by modify Nokia Drive configuration on Harmattan. First, you'll need installed Filebox on your Harmattan N9 (see here  for installer and this  for installation). Open Filebox and make sure you have change settings to Show root filesystem and Show hidden files. Filebox Sett

Disassembly Nokia N9

Just another picture from my Nokia N9 disassembled

WhatsApp in N9 (Whatsup)

As I talk about some important apps for Harmattan device ( here ), Whatsup maybe is the most important after Filebox. It's caused by WhatsApp that transform into the standard online messaging in mobile device, although there are many online messaging apps like Line, BBM, Telegram, etc. I think that WhatsApp is lightweight apps that have a lot of rich-features. But WhatsApp developer not supporting all of the Operating System on the mobile phone (just the popular OS). Whatsup is the WhatsApp Client for Harmattan device, although it also build for Symbian, the new BB OS. Today, highest version or Whatsup is 1.2.2 (although when you running Whatsup at first, the version still noted 1.2.1, maybe just wrong typed of developer). Now let's prepare yourself and your Harmattan N9 to connect with WhatsApp again using Whatsup. You'll needed: - Nokia N9 Harmattan PR1.3/1.2 (is a must) - Internet Connection - Personal Computer running Windows Step by step: (this step no

Important Apps for N9

As you know support for N9 has been discontinued by Nokia, but there are small community who still alive to support this device, although it's too rarely to get an support always up to date. Since Android invasion, many of developer left MeeGo, because MeeGo Project has been canceled by Nokia, and now Intel was merged their project again with Samsung, named Tizen. For make N9 still enjoyable for you, there are some apps will be help you for using Harmattan (after I'm studying to develop apps, I'll take a part to develop apps for this phone). Filebox Filebox is the most popular file manager in Harmattan, although it's not bundled by Nokia at first, but you can install it easily. You can browse, copy, move, delete, and share your files in an easy way. Like if you where using your computer. Filebox also supports compressed files. You can compress or extract zip, tar and tar.gz files. It has a custom clipboard, so you can add all files you want from different folde

Harmattan not yet died

Have you ever heard Harmattan before? When you googling (read:searching) it, you will be found at least two definitions, first is the name of Wind and second is the codename of Maemo. For details about it you can read this or this . But the Harmattan which I talk about is Harmattan as the code-named of Maemo. Yes, we know that Nokia sold the Mobile Division to Microsoft, It's happen because the sale of Mobile Phone from Nokia decreased globally, not want to loss Nokia sell the Mobile Division to Microsoft. Maybe one causes is Nokia didn't adapt Android to their Mobile Phone when the Android was debuted. They still hope on Symbian to get the market, but in fact Symbian is too old (read:poor) to compete with Android, Blackberry or iOS which popular until now (maybe exclude Blackberry). Realized that Symbian can't compete with Android and iOS, Nokia starting to research new platform to adapt on their Mobile Phone, finally Maemo is coming. After that, Nokia (Maemo) and Int