28 May 2015

Nokia Suite 3.8.54

We know that Nokia Mobile Phone division has been sold to Microsoft, it's too hard to get support from Microsoft when you ask about the older product of Nokia such as Nokia N9. Although when you read the Nokia N9 Guide (issue 1.2) you'll found that N9 not supported with Nokia Suite, but the version 3.8.54 of Nokia Suite support N9. Nokia Suite will helps you to solve minor problem of Nokia Product such as syncing Contact, Messages, Musics and so on.
Nokia Suite 3.8.54
For downloading Nokia Suite 3.8.54 I was forgot the url, but I make backup in my tusfiles account, you can download Nokia Suite 3.8.54 here. Beside syncing, this Suite also can help you to re-flash your N9 safety, downloading maps for offline use of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive, and you can make a backup, so you can reload the backup file when your phone was damaging or you has been re-flashed your N9. Harmattan not yet died guys.


WeeKnighT said...

File no longer available, but thanks for the info. I'm sure I'll find it with google now I know what to look for.