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Bypassing Nokia Maps N9

Nokia N9 have maps application, both of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are related one to other. But the same problem with Nokia Drive on Nokia N9 also occur in Nokia Maps (see here). Nokia Maps also need logged in Nokia Account before you can use Nokia Maps. So I think the same way with bypassing Nokia Account in Nokia Drive will be succeed too in Nokia Maps.
The same step can be read on my previous post here, until preparing the configuration Nokia Drive download. Okay let's go!
  • First, make sure you have installed Filebox and setting to show hidden files and show root filesystem.
  • Open browser on your N9 and download Modified Nokia Maps Configuration here. Don't press clear when the download has finished, just tap Done.
  • Go to Filebox, and navigate to /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads, you'll found Maps.conf there, copy and paste this file into /home/user/.config/Nokia. But I recommend you if there's existing Nokia Maps Configuration backup it into Maps.conf.bak the same method on backup Nokia Drive Configuration.
    Backup Original Nokia Maps Configuration
    Place Modified Nokia Maps Configuration

  • Now you can use Nokia Maps without Nokia Account logged in requirement anymore.
    Start-Up Nokia Maps
    Nokia Maps waiting GPS locked
    Downloads Maps for Offline use
Nokia Maps offer you a lots of features, looks like nearby place, navigation, etc. You can use Nokia Maps online or offline. For online use, you don't need installed maps (this maps also used for Nokia Drive, because both of Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive use the same resource maps), your maps will be downloaded automatically in your position right now. But for offline use, you need to download maps of the country in your position right now first before you can use it, access it in Nokia Maps >> Manage Maps, select the maps which you want to download. See this? Harmattan not yet died, haha :D


Anonymous said…
could you upload .conf file to somewhere else that it could be downloaded without .exe file and possilble malware? thanks
h3rucutu said…
@Anonymous : It's no problem with the file which I uploaded into Tusfiles, I think you're wrong on downloading my files (both *.ini and *.conf file). I'll post this night how to download file on Tusfiles, sorry for this inconvenience
h3rucutu said…
I have done make tutorial to downloading files from Tusfiles, you can read here
Unknown said…
Can you uploaded offline maps for my country (Indonesia) , I try to download it from manage maps but it just show blank page, theres nothing offline maps can be installed,
h3rucutu said…
@Risqew_VENDREWNESIA : for downloading maps for offline use, make sure you have a good connection, I suggest you to using wifi connection (like Wifi.ID, or another), then open Nokia Maps, go to Manage Maps and Add Maps, It should be appear list of maps on the region 1st, so you can download Indonesia Maps under, Asia >> Indonesia, tap and wait it, because it's have size about 170MB, so be patiently

For alternatively download using PC, I'll try to write it to night, thank you
Unknown said…
Hello, thank you for this tutorial, if it is working it is fantastic! But I am still not succesfull in the copy&paste of modified file. I was able to back up the "wrong" file but I am not able to paste the new one. I everytime get message "you don't have permissions to proceed". Can you tell me what I am doing wrong?
h3rucutu said…
@Unknown : what do you mean with back up the "wrong" files?

Can you describe where you'll found the message "you don't have permissions to proceed"?

I think you're wrong to place the modified Nokia Maps Config, make sure you're placing modified Nokia Maps Config everywhere under /home/user/MyDocs (I suggest under /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads). Then you need to copy Maps.conf in /home/user/MyDocs/Downloads into /home/user/.config/Nokia. And restart your Nokia Maps, it should make Nokia Maps on your N9 running. If there's any problem, feel free to write comment below, thanks
Unknown said…
I instaled Developer Mode and now it is working! Thanks. Do you planing to do some other tutorials for N9?
h3rucutu said…
@Unknown : congrats for installed Dev Mod on your N9, if you interest to build apps for N9, you can started by studying QT like me. I'm still have a long planning for N9 development and tutorial, so it's never ending right now. But now, I have a examination period, and I can write anything until my exam will finish. If you want to contribute to this blog, I can invite you as a writer so you can post your tutorial or another here, thanks
Onerva said…
Thanks for supporting N9!
When trying to download maps.conf to my N9, it said:
Download failed - Downloading the file failed. File type application/octet-stream not supported (in finnish).
So I downloaded the files to my windows-laptop.
What is the best way to copy files from laptop to N9?
Thanks for answers!
Unknown said…
thanks man,it works for me,the explain is super (beer)
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for the information. Got maps and drive working again on my N9.

Feel happy to see the research/efforts you are taking to keep N9 alive :)
Anonymous said…
Thankyou very much..
Anonymous said…
Thanks for keeping N9/Harmattan alive :)

Maps and Drive started working
h3rucutu said…
@Onerva: you can transferred into your N9 with USB or Bluetooth, when you using USB cable, make sure you use storage mode of N9 (it'll appear when plug-in USB cable into your N9 and your PC), and when you try to using USB, don't forget to pairing your N9 with your PC/Laptops. Good Luck!

@All : thanks for your feedback guys :)
sorry for long-time no response
Unknown said…
Hello. please help me. when I follow the instructions, the Maps and Drive active, but my machine occasionally to autostart. about 3-5 times per day. if "deleted phone" to not use the Map and Drive then my phone back to normal. I think by your map.conf file incompatible with my machine. please edit your original files on my PC are not ... and return it to me. my file here. thank you.





Unknown said…
Excelent guide. Done perfectly with a Mexican N9
larios_gin said…
Fantastic job!
MMS said…
Dear Heru Pranoto,

You are fantastic! MAyny thanks for the step by step instructions!

Since I bought my Nokia N9 I was bugged with the issue, that navigation does not work. I am a great fan of Nokia Navi (now HERE), use it since years, and saved several times the family. :-) So I was really annoyed it never started in N9. I noticed the Nokia login attempts, but I though the SW is just bad, needs reinstallation. Your hints saved my day, and a lot of hours I would otherwise spend on this issue...

Thank you!
(I was fall in love with this N9 device after my Nokia X7 went bad (later repaired :-), and did not like the low res display of the otherwise fantastic Nokia 808). I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 from the company, but I think nothing as fluent experience as the N9)
TheLastMeego said…


Anonymous said…
hi there, thanks for the huge help! But i have a problem: after i do as you say, maps only worked once. The next time i got the screen to log into nokia account again and couldn't peoceed...
can you or anyone help? Do i have to delete some file?
Anonymous said…
Hello Heru. I tried download those maps from tusfiles in several ways, with phone and computer, but those links seems to be dead. Is it possible to reupload somewhere that useful material again? Thank you.
SwK said…
same here.
Has anyone a working config to share?
Sati said…
Thanks for all of this, it's the solution butt,
if someone would like to share a working config..please !
thank you !
it will be so nice, i'm using my n9 every day.

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