About Me

Hello, my name is Heru Pranoto, you can call me Heru. Right now I'm working for Aero Systems Indonesia (ASYST), subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia as a Software Engineer (Java) to provide internal Garuda Group solution and or external using Java Technology. The domain of my responsibilities are both of Front and Back End (sometimes also Middleware), Distributing System, Services System and Support System. So the J2EE Technology, Spring Framework, JSF, Primefaces, Struts2, Hibernate, MyBatis, Restful, JQuery, AJAX, Maven, Git/SVN, Servlet Container (Glassfish, Tomcat and Jetty) Administration, Relational DB are several tools right in my hand to made robust and critical solution of enterprise need and still grow and growing.. I have wide interest outside of programming, I'm also interesting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML), Image Processing (using OpenCV is my casual), Hacking using Kali Linux (earlier named Backtrack), etc. I have a perfectionist characteristics like a Steve Jobs, haha. Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss about something which correlated with my interest or another thing. You can choose one or more below. Thank you!

Email: heru.pranoto@asyst.co.id (corporate) | herupranoto.ugm@gmail.com (private)