About Me

He is an experienced Software Engineer in Java around 3 years. Beside coding, he also doing some DevOps task in the current job. Mastering Linux is his capabilities, because he familiar with Linux since Senior High School (2008). The last 3 years, he experienced in E-Commerce business (JD.id), IT Consultant in Aero Systems Indonesia (asyst.co.id) and right now he work for Telecommunication business (myrepublic.net), all of his position as a Software Engineer (soon to be promoted as Team Leader :P). Knowing the latest technology is his expertise, from micro-service  architecture, reactive systems, containerised apps, event-driven, BPMN Workflow and so many things. During his free time, he doing some open source and or private project, e.g. ApacheDS Docker Image (LDAP Server). By founding Caltic, he dreams that Caltic could be a Start-Up Company in the future. Starting from Provide Train Ticket Solutions, he believe that from this point the Company can survive and start to develop another things. Last but not least, greetings, hello world!