21 May 2015

WhatsApp in N9 (Whatsup)

As I talk about some important apps for Harmattan device (here), Whatsup maybe is the most important after Filebox. It's caused by WhatsApp that transform into the standard online messaging in mobile device, although there are many online messaging apps like Line, BBM, Telegram, etc. I think that WhatsApp is lightweight apps that have a lot of rich-features. But WhatsApp developer not supporting all of the Operating System on the mobile phone (just the popular OS).
Whatsup is the WhatsApp Client for Harmattan device, although it also build for Symbian, the new BB OS. Today, highest version or Whatsup is 1.2.2 (although when you running Whatsup at first, the version still noted 1.2.1, maybe just wrong typed of developer). Now let's prepare yourself and your Harmattan N9 to connect with WhatsApp again using Whatsup.

You'll needed:
- Nokia N9 Harmattan PR1.3/1.2 (is a must)
- Internet Connection
- Personal Computer running Windows

Step by step: (this step no longer required, see UPDATED on the end of this page)
  1. First of all, make sure you're running Harmattan on your N9.
  2. Connect your N9 into internet (using wifi or data connection).
  3. Download the latest Filebox and Whatsup installer using your N9 (see here).
  4. Installing Filebox by double-tapping the file installer on Downloads window (the window will appear when you're downloading file from browser).
  5. Before installing Whatsup, you'll need to make permission to install apps from another source, go to Settings >> Applications >> Installations >> Allow installation from non-Store source (check), when appear confirmation dialog, tap Agree.
  6. Back to Download window, install Whatsup by double-tapping too, when appear confirmation dialog, select Agree.
  7. Close Downloads window and go to the Home, it should be appear Filebox and Whatsup icon.
  8. Before open Whatsup, you need to make configurations file on your Computer and transferred into you phone. This file will be save any configurations in Whatsup.
  9. Download WART here, if you're not familiar with GitHub just download ZIP these project and it will be downloaded as ZIP file. After that you need to download whatsup-conf.zip here.
  10. Extract WART and whatsup-conf file and open the extracted whatsup-conf (only contain whatsup.conf file) with Notepad++ (see UPDATE on the end of this post). Edit four lines of these file on "username", "cc", "phoneNumber" and "password". Fill username with your phone number in the international format without + for example (628111111) 62 is international code for Indonesia and 8111111 is you number phone. Now go to cc line and fill your international code for your country, for example Indonesia is 62. Next, fill the phoneNumber with your phone number without international code for your country for example is 8111111. For the password, you need to run WART first. (remember that you must fill without "<" and ">" mark, for example cc=62)
  11. Open the WART extracted directory and running WART-1.x.x.x.exe, WART Window will appear. Fill Phone number with your phone number include international code for your country (for example 628111111). If you have register this number phone before, just click "Check existing" wait a minute you'll be retrieve a token (read: password) the password usually like xxxXxxxXxxx= (ended with "=" mark), copy and paste it into whatsup.conf file in password line (remember that password must be paste between "" mark, for example password="xxxXxxxXxxx="). If you never your number phone before, click "Request code" on WART, wait a minute and your number phone will be got a SMS contain confirmation code, write it on "Confirm code" and press Confirm code and you will be got and password, copy and paste it like above.
  12. After that, transfer the whatsup.conf file from your Computer into N9, for example in Downloads directory.
  13. Now disconnect your N9 from Computer and open Filebox. You need to change setting of Filebox, check Show root filesystem and Show hidden files. Back to file manager of Filebox. Open Downloads directory, copy and paste whatsup.conf into "/home/user/.config/cepiperez". Close your Filebox.
  14. Make sure your N9 connected to internet, and open Whatsup. Wait until the contacts synchronization complete, and now Whatsup are running on your N9.
Note :
  • For the first login, you will be looks like freezed but, it's ok, because your phone doing syncing, if your contacts contain number which registered in WhatsApp, it's take too long process of syncing.
  • If the notification dialog appear with not respond reason, just select no and wait until the syncing process complete.
If you still have any problem or something which you want ask me, feel free to contact me via twitter or add comment below. Harmattan not yet died. Sorry I don't attach some screenshots in this post, because my volume quota of data subscription are limited :D

I have read many feedback from this post and I suggest you to edit whatsup.conf with Notepad++ (download here), because some problem is caused by the default notepad when you using Windows make different encoding. So when you editing whatsup.conf during the WART has successful get the token (read password) using Notepad++ if you're under Windows, but for Linux or Mac it's no problem using the default text editing such as vim.
Sorry for late update, Whatsup was take down by official WhatsApp on openrepo, but the developer of Whatsup still continuing the development of course, you can obtain the deb file here (last known version is 1.2.7). For installation method you can download and install it without the step above, just install on your N9 then you can registration via Whatsup on your N9.


Sabuj Hasan said...

Hello Brother, I did exactly what you did, but there still some problem on log in. First it shows connecting, then shows, status=error. if i select "start registration" then it shows Old version. I'm using Whatsup 1_0_5. if you have any latest version of it , then please give me a copy. and one more thing my nokia store isn't workig

Anonymous said...

can you share whatsup deb file. Not able to find on openrepos

Anonymous said...

Hey :)
Good there is a page for Watsup .deb files.
I just wanted to know if it is just me, or is there any one else getting the trouble of net connection getting connected and then get disconnected, then apparently take the whole day to get back the connection.
It is showing the blue icon which means its already "connected"
But as of now, no messages can be send nor be recieved.

Is there any problem with whatsup.. :( Without this its really difficult.

I am eager to know when is the next update 1.2.8. coming :D

Sabuj Hasan said...

yap, sure. I can share it. but i don't know how to upload it here. my gmail id id is 'sabujghush@gmail.com'. kindly send a mail on this maibox. i'll share the deb file of whatup