There are several reasons why I'm doing revamp for this blog. First, right now I'm actually a software engineer not a pentest anymore. this is why revamping this blog is a good idea. Because I can write again as usual, mostly the topic may change from security topic into developer topic. The pain is, that I need to update several point of this blog before I actually can write a post, starting from this post. But I think it's a good way for me to increase writing skill also enrich my story telling.
The second, to share everything that I got some problems and how could I fix it, it's usually what I did before this revamp. But yeah, the software development side is very broad of problems. We need to integrate between one language with the framework, library with other library, library with application server, so on and so on. And again, there are a lot of problems that can make a software engineer frustrated. Actually we find the answer by googling and stackoverflow.
At this point there are many problems that I facing everyday in software development and figure out how to fix them. Move from one problems to another, make software development is more challenging. The hard things for me, when you're using the new languages or new conceptual design, you need to understand what happen behind the screen not only in front of screen.
Last but not least, let's go to this revamped blog. Hello World!


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